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Individual Membership

New Member Registration:

  1. This is for those who have never been a member of NIKLA. Select the New Membership button. You will be prompted to complete a form with your information to create an account and select your login information for the Members Sections of the website.

  2. You will then receive an email link. Check your junk/spam mail if you do not receive it within a few minutes. This link will include the payment portion of the registration and is required to activate membership.


Renewal of Annual Membership:

  1. Click the Renew Membership button and process your payment. 

  2. You may also check your status in the My Plans on the member login icon in the top right corner of the page. 


If you have forgotten your password to the membership page or have any difficulties, contact us for assistance at

Please note that each step of this Membership Application Process must be

completed for each seperate membership you would like to apply for.

Individual 2024 Membership

Any Indigenous or Ally practitioner working in a knowledge field (such as archivist, records management, cultural/heritage worker, language preservationist, language instruction, librarianship, local historian, museum curation, etc.) are welcome to join as an individual member.


All members are encouraged to be active in their Primary and other Communities, and to vote in Community and Member business. Only those who identify as Indigenous may sit as a Co-Lead or Community Chair on the Council.


If you are an Indigenous practitioner and unable to purchase a membership, please reach out via email to

Annual Membership

Lifetime Membership

If you qualify for an Individual Membership, maybe you would prefer to purchase a Lifetime Individual Membership instead. This means there is no need for you to renew annually. 

Membership dues are paid once.


Retired Indigenous Professional, Student & Elder Membership

If you are a retired Indigenous professional, an Indigenous or ally undergrad or graduate student, or an Elder, we invite you to join NIKLA free of charge. We value your voice and would love to hear your input regarding our knowledge professions.​

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