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In the decades of discussions that led to this Alliance, it became evident that the interests of a diverse group of knowledge practitioners determined that our Governance Model had to include the varied pedagogy of each field, while also embracing the cross Canadian Indigenous worldviews. All without becoming a Pan-Indian organization.

In addition to the Executive consisting of two Co-Leads, Treasurer, and Council Secretary, five communities were established to represent the fields of NIKLA. The Chair of each Community holds a seat on the Council. In order to ensure that the association represents Indigenous practitioners, these nine members must identify as Indigenous (FNMI). Additionally, two additional Council seats are designated for any member who represents the organizational needs of our members. This is set by size and includes the two organization groups of Local Organizations, which are individual groups or services, and Institutional groups such as provincial/territorial, national or academic institutions. These At Large members need not be Indigenous, but must be appointed by an organization.

  1. Co-Lead

  2. Co-Lead

  3. Treasurer 

  4. Secretary of the Council

  5. Archives Community Chair

  6. Culture & Heritage Community Chair

  7. Language Preservation & Instruction Community Chair

  8. Library Community Chair

  9. Museum Community Chair

  10. At Large Local Organization Member 

  11. At Large Institutional Member

Inaugural Year Governance

On March 1, 2021 three long time volunteers of NIKLA and the various previous incarnations of this association, set out to establish NIKLA officially as a Not-for-Profit and eventual charitable Association. As part of this establishment these members took on the Executive roles of:

Chair: Camille Callison, University Librarian, University of the Fraser Valley [Library, Museum & Archives Communities]

Secretary of the Board: Feather Maracle, CEO, Six Nations Public Library [Library Community]

Treasurer: Dr. Sabrina E. R. Saunders, CEO, The Blue Mountains Public Library [Library & Museum Community]

After several months of planning, the First Directors Meeting occurred on Friday, June 4, 2021 where by-laws, policies, and Next Step timelines, including the Annual Member Meeting date were discussed and acted upon.


Recruitment for members and additional Council seats began following the launch of the website in Summer 2021. 


As members come on board, the Communities will begin activities, and Inaugural Community Chairs will be selected and much of the Council will be filled with the Inaugural Council of Directors. By the 2022 AGM the regular Council cycle will begin and elections will occur as per policy.