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Mission & Core Activities

Mission & Core Activities


The National Indigenous Knowledge and Language Alliance (NIKLA) mission is to create an association to unify and amplify the voices of Indigenous Peoples (First Nations, Métis, and Inuit) to network and nurture a community of practice related to Indigenous knowledge, cultural memory, language, and Indigenous ways of knowing, as they relate to culture memory and heritage.

Core Activities

The five (5) core activities listed in the constating documents (Charter), in no hierarchical order, are:

  • Building a community of practice;

  • Public advocacy for Indigenous cultural transmission;

  • Professional Development for members;

  • Scholarship and Grants [when charitable registry is received]; and

  • Unsettling and disrupting existing frameworks and pedagogy.


These may be changed through Council resolution and Member ratification, followed by updating of the constating documents according to relevant Acts.

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