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Together we are building an open and online platform that will enable a dynamic, multilingual set of terminologies applied to Indigenous Peoples, places, heritage, tradition, knowledge and cultures. These terminologies and vocabularies would replace outdated and inappropriate terminologies used currently in cultural memory sectors such as museums, libraries, archives centers and galleries.

We are currently seeking seed funding to advance the project. The goal of this initial phase of the project is to raise enough funds to develop a project roadmap, obtain funding, implement an engagement and communication strategy for partners for the realization, development the framework for sustainability of the project, hire a project coordinator, formalize in kind support through technical expertise, and develop a long-term funding strategy through grants.

About the Project

Respectful Terminology Platform Project

We are grateful for support from:

Caitlin Horrall, Library and Archives Canada

Bruno Lemay, Department of Canadian Heritage

Clare Appavoo, Canadian Research Knowledge Network

Rebecca Ross

Stacy Allison-Cassin

Métis Nation of Ontario

Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University

Chair Language and Instruction, NIKLA

Camille Callison

Tahltan Nation

University Librarian, University of the Fraser Valley

NIKLA Co-Chair

The Respectful Terminology Platform Project co-leads:

On May 2, 2022, the project planning team brought together over 400 individuals from across cultural memory communities (libraries, archives, museums, etc.) to discuss current community projects with a similar goal of respectful terminology for all, and to discuss needs and goals of a national, Indigenous-led platform for respectful terminologies.

Community Engagement

On May 9, 2022, the project planning team hosted the first partnership meeting of potential funders and supporters of the project to discuss an actionable set of project goals and timelines.

On June 9, 2022, the project planning team once again convened a meeting with potential funders and supporters of the project to discuss a proposal for seed funding, the overall project plan and deliverables and next steps.

On September 26, 2022, the project planning team met with potential funders and supporters and released the following presentation.

Support the Project and Stay Up to Date

The Respectful Terminology project is broad in scope, and we invite individuals and organizations who wish to support the project with financial support and becoming a member of NIKLA and also consider joining the Language and Instruction Community.

NIKLA is looking for a Project Coordinator to spearhead this project.

The Project Coordinator is a consultant, and responsible for strategic leadership, managing the planning and implementation of the Respectful Terminology Platform Project (RTPP) as well as maintaining communication and relations supporting the project. Duties including overseeing policies, procedures and working groups involved in the project. Their duties include maintaining the project’s budget, planning and implementing strategies, and carrying out the project’s ultimate agenda. The Project Lead will work closely with the RTPP Co-Leads.


We're Hiring!

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