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Welcome All New and Returning Members of Council

At the January 24, 2024 Annual Gathering of Members, NIKLA-ANCLA welcomed the following new and returning members to Council:

Nominated by the deadline and acclaimed for a 2 year term: 

  • Chair: Camille Callison, University of the Fraser Valley [2024-2026]

  • Vice Chair: Danica Pawlick Potts, Western University [2024-2026]

  • Past Chair: Lyle Ford, University of Manitoba [2024-2026]

  • Museum Community Chair: Janis Monture, Canadian Museum Association [2024-2026]

  • Institutional Member At Large: Elaine MacInnis, Dalhousie University [2024-2026]

Nominated from the floor for a 1 year term:

  • Council Secretary & Treasurer: Hannah Hunter, Federation of Ontario Public Libraries and Grey Bruce Hospice [2024-2025]

  • Library Community Chair: Feather Maracle, Six Nations Public Library [2024-2025]

Congratulations to all the new and returning Council members on their election! 

Continuing their 2 year term:

  • Archives Community Chair: Don Johnson, Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan [2023-2025]

  • Culture & Heritage Community Chair: Catherine C. Cole, Inuit Heritage Trust [2023-2025]

  • Teaching and Learning Community Chair: Dr. Stacy Allison-Cassin, Dalhousie University [2023-2025]

  • Organizational Member At Large: Anne Carr-Wiggin, University of Alberta Library [2023-2025]

NIKLA-ANCLA is looking forward to a bright future!

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