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IIFL Hawai'i Announcement - 12th International Indigenous Librarians’ Forum

IIFL Hawai'i has announced the Call for Papers for the 12th International Indigenous Librarians' Forum. Please see below for their announcement.


Aloha mai kākou e nā hoa noiʻi nowelo, e nā ʻōiwi nani o ka ʻāina mai ʻō a ʻō!

We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for the 12th International Indigenous Librarians' Forum taking place on Oʻahu Hawaiʻi, November 27-30, 2023. Held every two years, IILF is a coming-together of Indigenous information practitioners and knowledge keepers from Indigenous and Native nations around the world to discuss different challenges, goals, projects, and successes important to Native peoples, our cultural resources and the repositories that house them.

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Forum Theme Ea: Indigenous Agency and Abudance

The theme for IILF 2023 is “Ea” which means, among many other meanings, sovereignty, independence, life, air, breath, and to rise up. Ea as our Forum theme challenges us to think about how we, as Indigenous information professionals, are breathing life into our institutions to advance Indigenous independence and sovereignty within our communities. How are we rising up? How are we lifting up our communities and their fight for ea?

Call for Papers

Our Indigenous colleagues in the Information Science Profession are invited and encouraged to submit a proposal. We encourage stimulating, high quality papers on any topic related to the Forum theme, subthemes, and/or possible topics. Papers will be presented on a panel or as a poster. Papers will inspire the Forum discussions and deliberations on next steps. Accepted presenters will be required to submit a publication-ready paper of their approved proposals before the Forum begins. Following the Forum, all presenters will be required to submit a final written paper (anticipated word count: 3000 - 10,000 words max, along with an attached bibliography) to be included in the Forum proceedings. The Forum Proceeding publisher has not been selected at this time. Exact paper format requirements will be available at a later date.

Presenters will be required to register for the Forum. Submissions will be accepted until March 15, 2023.

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