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Reminder: NIKLA Community Meetings

NIKLA has 3 meetings scheduled for NIKLA Members on Monday, December 12th and Tuesday, December 13th. These will be set by community. However, we know many of us have interests and responsibilities across a variety of communities, so you are encouraged to attend as many as you desire.

Monday, December 12th 1:30-3pm EST is our Library Community, who comprise about 2/3 of our members.

Monday, December 12th 3:00-4:00pm EST is our Language Preservation & Instruction Community Meeting. This meeting may be of interest to all as we will provide an overview of the Respectful Terminology key NIKLA project.

Tuesday, December 13th 2:00-3:00pm EST is our Museum, Archives and Culture & Heritage Communities meeting(s).

Visit our event calendar for more information. Please email us at if you do not have the links to these meetings.

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