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NIKLA Council Appointed

Updated: Mar 31

At the Feb 1, 2022 Annual Gathering of Members a number of positions were appointed for a 2 year term. Those which remained vacant were moved to Council authority to appoint for a one year term, ending at the next AGM.

NIKLA is happy to announce the complete 2022 Council:

  1. Co-Lead: Camille Callison, University Librarian, University of the Fraser Valley [2022-2024]

  2. Co-Lead: Jesse Boiteau, University of Manitoba

  3. Treasurer: Dr. Sabrina E. R. Saunders, CEO, The Blue Mountains Public Library [2022-2024]

  4. Secretary of the Council: Feather Maracle, CEO, Six Nations Public Library [2022-2024]

  5. Archives Community Chair: Don Johnson, Special Media Archivist / Information Management Analyst, Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan [2022-2023]

  6. Culture & Heritage Community Chair: Catherine C. Cole, Director of Planning, Inuit Heritage Trust [2022-2023]

  7. Language Preservation & Instruction Community Chair: Dr Stacy Allison Cassin, University of Toronto [2022-2023]

  8. Library Community Chair: Samantha Adema, Indigenous Services Librarian, Dalhousie University [2022-2023]

  9. Museum Community Chair: Heather George, Guest Curator, Woodland Cultural Center [2022-2023]

  10. At Large Institutional/Local Organization Member: Barbara Filion, Program Officer (Culture), Canadian Commission for UNESCO [2022-2024]

  11. At Large Institutional Member: Elaine MacInnis, Associate Dean (Library Services), Dalhousie University [2022-2024]

In the coming weeks Community’s will begin to take form and Action Plans will be developed. Thank you to all who stood for this inaugural year. We all have lots to do!

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